It was your voice that made my chest clench.

My heart thumped in it’s cavity.

The intensity of your gaze, a laugh and smile.

I could hear it all.

Your voice low and raspy, you’d wanted another as a kid.

I’m glad you couldn’t;

It soothes at night and makes me laugh during the day.

So telling, so honest, with the innocence of a child,

the harsh reality of an adult.

I can hear it all.

A brush coloring your words, inking in your face,

all while you describing your day.

A smile, exhilaration and laughter,

little gifts you give.

Your words like honey and spices.

Adding texture and depth to your speech

A warm and fuzzy feeling with every word,

each syllable to cross your lips.

With each word I see your eyes light up,

your brow might arch, your cheeks alight with blush.

I don’t know how, I don’t care why,

but it shows me all I ever want.

Your beauty and fire. The passion and blush.

With mumbled phrases the blush appears,

the rapid fire words it’s passion and excitement I see.

The grogginess of slumber your lids half closed, nose scrunched.

A shout or exclamation your brows furrow,

tongue curling at the corner of your lips.

A freshness to my day, smile in my heart.

It’s soothed when I hear it.

Head on your chest, to feel it vibrating as you speak,

happiness and warmth radiating through me.

Your skin cool to my heat,

your voice a soothing calm or a burning passion;

they speak to me, they show me.

I can see you.

You’re beautiful.



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